Website Designing Pricing

Pricing is very important factor for every company, low cost with world class services always attract customers. It is always better to have different payment options to choose from, it always attracts clients as well its quite money saver for your clients too. In modern industry of website designing business, there are mainly three methods are practiced by web designing companies.


Per Hour Charges for Website Designing, Per Page Charges and Per Project

Hourly Pricing: Hourly payment options are commonly used by freelancer and small companies, with this option a client have to pay an amount for every hour the designer works on the project. This is for such clients who are looking for small website 2-5 pages, usually companies and freelancers are charging around $50-$100 per hour for their website designing services. Here I have maintained the slandered price but it may vary company to company and regards the complexity of the design work.

It may possible that designer took more time to complete the project, just to maximize their wage, you may be benefited if you ask them for maximum timeline first.

Per Page Pricing: This option can be help full with a tight budget for website designing. Per page pricing vary with the complexity of web pages. The main page or home page is mostly charged higher than inner pages, as main is the most important page to attract visitors and buyers. Main page is always the backbone of the site structure. It take more time so designers charges more price, inner pages are usually with products details and product pictures. A website owner can always keep the price low or under their budget as they can limit the number of pages any time and there is always an option open to expand the site when ever funds are there.

Website Designing Per Project: This is the most common and convenient pricing option. Most designers and Website Designing Companies uses this payment option and it is also popular among clients. You can get your website designed, developed and also get it running online for certain amount of money. You can choose from wide range of packages, and can get the suitable one with bargained price. You can get simple template design or get a full customized design for your website. It is one of the best service for your website related needs, few companies are offering website maintenance, website hosting free of cost with such packages. Click to read more